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Steps to generate media interest in your ICO or Token Sale

You have a great idea and want to share it with the world. Your startup is going to revolutionize the world by unleashing the power of blockchain technology on a new industry. But there's a catch: you need funding to make it happen.

There was a time when all an entrepreneur had to say was "we're a blockchain startup holding an ICO" and BOOM, tens of millions (if not hundreds of millions) could be raised at the drop of a hat. Many have drawn comparisons to the dot com IPO boom of the late 90s. Heady days, those were, but they're now in the rear-view mirror.

Now, you need a business plan, a white paper, a minimum viable product, a solid team with great advisors and also a solid media communications strategy. Since you're reading this, let's assume you have all but the latter. Here are some tips on how to tell your innovation story.

KISS: Keep it Simple, Stupid

If people don't understand what your firm does within 20 seconds of speaking to you or reading your website, they will move on. If people ask what we here at RGPR do, the response is: "We're a media relations and creative firm focused on helping financial firms and blockchain startups raise awareness among their key demographics."

Having a crystal clear mission statement or elevator pitch is as important as anything else you do. Without it, your value proposition will get buried and you'll rarely get to share what sets your widgets apart from everyone else's.

What's new?

Telling people what you do is just the start. Once you have their attention, now you need to clearly define the difference between the old or current situation and how your firm is going to change things for the better. Let's use our client EverMarkets as an example.

Current futures markets:

  • Centralized

  • Benefit high-frequency traders

  • Opaque fee schedule

  • Require fiat currency for collateral


  • Decentralized

  • Auction pricing de-emphasizes speed

  • Transparent fee schedule

  • Can post cryptocurrency as collateral

Those messages are very high-level, but they also explain the innovations EverMarkets is seeking to bring in a clear, concise way. Their target audience immediately understands what sets EMX apart from the competition and wants to learn more.

Find a news hook

Whether your firm is generating news itself or contributing to a broader conversation, and having the awareness to differentiate between what is newsworthy or isn't will ensure that all of your efforts are geared towards the highest probability of success.

Unless your firm has a huge, market-moving announcement, finding a way to tie your storytelling into a current news cycle is as important as anything else you will do. It is the surest way to generate consistent coverage until your next big announcement.

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