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How good public relations and marketing programs attract top talent

Raising brand awareness among potential new clients and customers is certainly important, and so is hiring talented employees to ensure you retain their business and stay ahead of the competition.

Many companies right now are struggling to find the top-tier talent needed to bring their business to the next level. To lure these elusive hires, they are offering everything from higher salaries and unlimited vacation time to sleep pods and letting employees bring their dogs to work.

Sure, better pay and more vacation coupled with naps and office pets may make for a more satisfied work force. But more and more employers are offering some if not all of these things. So how can a company or firm truly rise above their competition?

A great example of this can be found with General Electric. GE, as most people know it, has its hand in just about every segment of our economy and manufactures everything from jet engines to light bulbs. Long seen as a stodgy monolith, the company underwent a massive re-branding in recent years to showcase its innovation story across social media, TV commercials, print ads and more. Most experts agree it has succeeded beyond even the wildest of expectations.

This effort, coupled with targeted media coverage quoting executives and other senior employees, has helped the company overhaul its image and become a top destination for engineers, developers and other highly sought after skilled laborers.

Companies with strong brand recognition and a positive perception in the marketplace often have a constant flow of applications from the best and the brightest. Securing this exposure is not easy, though, especially when most of your competitors are also angling for the same coverage.

A company benefits more from a sustained ability to garner positive coverage than from an appearance in the media during the last decade. A feature article from 10 years ago about how innovative your widgets are is certainly a good thing, but what have you done since then? What are you working on now?

Though most companies are not able to embark on the same long-term advertising effort as GE, they can at least start a media relations campaign that helps raise brand awareness and bolsters credibility among the customers and employees they want.

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