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How public relations drives new business

A robust new business pipeline is essential for any firm to succeed whether it is in financial services, fintech, public relations or any other industry; and having a dynamic communications program in lockstep with the sales team can make all the difference in the world.

While there are many reasons to work with a communications consultant, for now we'll stick with three that relate to how media results can help the sales team:

Share victories

When a proprietary solution dramatically helps a client's business, this can be turned into a case study that can be shared with both prospects and the media. A potential client that initially says no can be swayed in your direction with a case study that positions the firm as innovative and flexible, able to adapt to their needs. These same case studies can also be shared with reporters and producers to help drive future media coverage in trend pieces and feature stories.

Promote product launches

New products are always exciting for a company or firm. An effective communications program will not only put together a well-written release, but it will also seek out high-quality, impactful media coverage that further legitimizes the offering. When a sales team can then turn around and email media coverage of this new product to both clients and prospects, perception of the launch can dramatically shift sentiment and influence spending.

Catalyze action

Sharing the knowledge and expertise that sets a company or firm apart from the others in a non-sales environment is important because this coverage often drives discussions and decision making at rivals. Enabling the sales team to show their executives are thought leaders immediately sets the bar higher.

"You may not be familiar with us, but our chief executive was recently quoted in a handful of news articles you can view on our website."

Showing off coverage in a top-tier, national media outlet is an instant game changer that draws people into your walled garden. Once there, they are more likely to see coverage of product launches and other corporate announcements, as well as view the rest of the website.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. If you can think of more ways media consultants help sales efforts, please feel free to share in the comments.

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